Who Are We?

Kirstan C. O'Brien
Kirstan has had dogs all of her life, but her first love was horses.  She was very active in Horse 4-H, and competed successfully in 4-H judging on the provincial level.  It wasn't until she married that Kirstan got her first boxer.  Although her husband wanted a Lab, she managed to convince him that a boxer was the breed for them.  In reality, the "convincing" took the form of a totally adorable seven week old puppy...one lick and it was true love!  That was the beginning of Kirstan's love of the boxer breed, but it certainly isn't the end...

In addition to showing and breeding her beloved boxers under the "Tienlung" prefix, Kirstan has a very active interest in holistic therapies such as massage therapy, homopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy and acpuncture.  Having practiced as a full time massage therapist for six years, Kirstan developed a very real interest in alternative therapies, including nutrition therapies.

After having fantastic success once switching her first boxer to a raw diet, Kirstan has helped many people switch their dogs over to a species appropriate diet.  She moderates multiple mailing lists where natural diets are a primary topic of conversation.  If you would like to see her boxers and read about her philosophy, go her her website at:
Tienlung Boxers, Reg'd

Tamara Coli
Tamara has been involved with dogs all of her life, starting with the day her mother got out of the hospital after her birth.  On the way home, Tamara's parents stopped to purchase a sled dog for one of their sled dog teams.  With that sort of beginning is it any wonder that she's been dog crazy since before she could walk?

Throughout her childhood, Tamara was an active part of the care and feeding of her parent's sled dog kennel.  As is usual with racing sled dogs, they were all fed a raw diet.  During her teens, Tamara was a highly competitive sled dog musher, and was the top junior racer of the year multiple times.  

Unfortunately, due to a change in life circumstance, Tamara no longer breeds boxers, though she still she has Abby in her home. Tamara is unable to respond to Rawboxers.com requests at this time.


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