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As most of you know, there is no "one" way to feed a raw diet.  Because different types of diets work for different dogs, there have been many books written about the subject.  All of these books have value, though we have found some to have more relevance than others for boxers.  It is recommended that you read at least two or three books prior to switching your boxer to raw, unless you have guidance from a knowledgeable raw feeder.  Enjoy!  Feel free to let us know which of these books you found most valuable!

All of these books can be purchased at Dogwise or Amazon, except for "Switching to Raw" which can be purchased at

About Raw Diets

Title Author
  • Switching To Raw
  • Susan Johnson
  • The BARF Diet
  • Dr. Ian Billinghurst
  • Give Your Dog a Bone
  • Dr. Ian Billinghurst
  • Grow Your Pup With Bones
  • Dr. Ian Billinghurst
  • Raw Meaty Bones
  • Dr. Tom Lonsdale
  • Work Wonders
  • Dr. Tom Lonsdale
  • Raw Dog Food: Make It Easy
  • Carina Beth MacDonald
  • Ultimate Diet
  • Kymythy Schultze
  • Natural Nutrition
  • Wendy Volhard
  • Raw Food Recipes (Booklet)
  • Monica Segal
  • Balance Needs With Nutrition (Booklet)
  • Monica Segal
  • K9 Kitchen: Your Dog's Diet
  • Monica Segal

    Natural Rearing / Holistic Recommendations

    Title Author
  • Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat
  • Juliette de Bairacli Levy
  • The Nature of Animal Healing
  • Dr. Martin Goldstein
  • Homepathic Care for Dogs and Cats
  • Dr. Don Hamilton
  • The Holistic Dog Book
  • Denise Flaim
  • Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog
  • Wendy Volhard
  • Natural Health for Dogs & Cats
  • Dr. Richard Pitcairn

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